Technical Support Wilson WindowWare

Donald Woeltje

Information Security Professional, CISSP, MCSE, MCP, 3Com 3Wizard, and looking for a position

"I've worked with Deana, getting support assistance from her, with regards to a variety of Winbatch projects that I have worked on either for myself or for organizations that I was working for, over many years. She has always proven to be expert, conscientious, responsive, and very professional. Over the years, I've had the distinct unpleasant opportunity to deal with a lot of very poor tech support personnel. But I can honestly say that Deana is one of the finest I've ever worked with."

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Rob Salmon

CEO eVolution Hosting Services

"I have worked with Deana on a very technically demanding project recently involving WinBatch - a scripting tool by Wilson WindowWare. Deana's effort went far beyond standard technical support and she was instrumental in making this project involving more than 1300 PCs, a huge success. She is a tenacious problem solver with deep technical knowledge and I would highly recommend her."

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Simon Husin

I/T Solution Provider

"Deana is prompt, to-the-point, precise and very helpful to me with many of my phone calls and e-mails to Wilson Windowware for assistance with WinBatch questions. In the few occasions no readily information was available to share, she said so without hesitant and almost always came back shortly thereafter with a useful answer. I believe that Deana's technical support quality and performance are exemplary, hence this strong recommendation!"

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Bill Rose

Systems Engineer at Estee Lauder

"Deana was able to give us the great combination of technical know-how and personal service that really makes a difference. She is effective and always a pleasure to work with."

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Bob Owen

Computer Sciences Corporation

"Rarely do I run into the consummate professional that is as dedicated and responsive as you have demonstrated. This simply reaffirms my good decision in going with the WinBatch product. Kudos to you and those you work with."

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Greg Zumbiel

"I'm a software developer with We've been using WinBatch for a couple years now and have recently expanded some of the functionality of our application. I ran into problems that I couldn't find answers to on the web site so I called. It was very nice to be able to talk to someone (Deana) with programming knowledge as well as product knowledge.

I explained as much of the behavior as I could and she filled in the WinBatch background I needed to do some more testing and then reach a resolution. I find it rare that the first person I talk to actually helps. It was a pleasant surprise!

We take pride in our tech support and I work closely with our tech support group (they mostly support software I've developed). It is nice to see feedback that we are doing things right, so I thought I'd pass this along. Keep up the good work. "

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Troy Davis

Systems Analyst, Workstation Services

"In all my years of IT I've never experienced the excellent customer support that I've received from WinBatch and, in particular, Deana. She was very willing to help and she went "above and beyond" the call of duty in order to find a suitable workaround for an issue that was strictly Microsoft's domain. A big thanks to Deana for all her work in this regard! All the best and God bless."

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